The Staff here at the Philosophy Bistro

Robert’s Philosophy Bistro is, like most restaurants, a non-profit generating community group that would love to actually generate income. If you have any ideas (or any money) feel free to offer suggestions (or donations).

If you cannot afford a donation, please leave a question.
If you cannot afford a question, help yourself to one of ours.
We have plenty.

The cast of characters is a fluctuating group of ragamuffins, ne’er-do-wells, pirates and characters, all with colorful personalities and back-stories–the same as most restaurant kitchens. Our food is phenomenal, and a good deal of the staff is phenomenological. As of this writing they include the following:
Nominally, Dr. Bear is in charge, as well as serving as maître d’hôtel, Master of Ceremonies, menu planner, and, of course, referee. By nature he is a gentleman, a philosopher and a raconteur, but occasionally he is also practical.



WT-black-white-blue2.jpgWode Toad is the chef. It is also quite possible that he really is in charge. He is as complex, as mysterious, and as dangerous as a Srirachi Haggis. He serves as the pessimistic, occasionally nihilistic counter-weight to Dr Bear’s optimism and courtesy.


Brando cautiously optimisticBrando is the sous-chef. Like Dr Bear, he is an underemployed philosopher and social theorist. He seems to be involved in a long-term experiment that consists in raising two lovely young girls, but then again, they might be involved in an experiment that consists in raising him. We hope it is the former, since the chances of the girls turning out OK is substantially more promising.Pierce 2

……and, of course, Peirce is the dishwasher.
He is also a voracious and omniverous reader, and will write book reviews for us if I can get him to stop reading.

We believe in food and good, wide-ranging conversations. I would like to say we believe in each other as well, but there is a rumor that at least one of us is fictional.

Of course, there is also a rumor that the bistro itself does not exist.

Would that make the rest of us disfictional?

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