Happy Defenestration Day!

What should I cook to celebrate?

On this date in 1618, a meeting of the Bohemian Estates (their representative body, and largely Protestant) in Prague, responded to envoys from the Catholic Hapsburg,s who were their rulers, by throwing two of them out the window. Even though it was a 20 meter drop (70 feet or so), they survived; some say it was divine intervention, Some say it was a very deep dung pile; maybe both or neither. They did much better than the seven thrown out the window in the first defenestration of Prague by rebellious Hussites on the 30th of July 1419: they all perished.

This event marks the beginning of the 30 Years War, a brutal religious conflict that laid huge portions of Central Europe to waste, resulted in seven and a half-isa million deaths, famine, and set back the development of German and Central European culture a century or more.
It did however produce Descartes’ Meditations, so I guess things even out.

Tuesday night Question: Reading & Dreaming

Reading in your dreamsDo you read in your dreams?
The background for this is a Psychology student who once argued with me that one couldn’t read in dreams. I replied that I did–often. He said: “Oh, you weren’t reading; you only thought you were.” I pointed out that that’s what all dreams are.


Free-for-All Recycle

I have had the Delphic Oracle on my mind lately–in large part, because I am teaching the Greeks this year.

A great deal of the cult of Apollo–and this sun-god was very important within the Greek pantheon–centered around his temple at Delphi, on the edge of Mount Parnassus. As far as the Ancient Greeks were concerned, this complex’s most important fixture was the Pythia–an ecstatic priestess who would receive messages from Apollo and pass them on to questioners.
In fact, this oracle figures prominently in both Myth and History.

So, if you had the chance make the trek up the mountain, into the dark, smoke-filled cave, and to ask your question of the Pythia…

What would you ask?

Let me know.
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