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Hello QuestionsWelcome to Robert’s Philosophy Bistro. Feel free to ask Dr. Bear a question, but if you ramble or use big words, wode toad might interrupt you.Wode_Toad

Would you take a minute to say hello or leave a sign? Sometime, writing is like sending out morse code signals with a flashlight, and wondering if any body is watching.
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  2. Hi Robert,

    Finally had an opportunity to check out your blog and I enjoyed it. I’ll be back soon. By the way, I would love the home made bread with some cheese and fruit and a glass of pinot noir.:-)


  3. Dr. Shields,

    It is an honor to frequent your bistro. I enjoy reading your posts and my philosophical appetite is always satisfied. I sent you some questions via email, did you get them? I presume that those questions need to be edited and tailored for concision, which would not be out of the ordinary in the least for me as you know all too well. And I am honored to have taken a class from you while I was at Milligan as an undergrad, and if I can in the future I would love to audit other courses you offer. Thanks for being a great teacher and galvanizing my love for learning ever more.
    At this point you may be wondering why I have posted at such length for signing the guest book, but it would only be fitting that my post be that of an excerpt from my ever-roaming and passionate mind. I digress….

    David Lawler

  4. Dr. Bear, Wode Toad, et alia-
    I very much enjoy your blog! I miss working with the good doctor, and I like having this little connection (one-sided, though it may be!) with you!
    -Amy A.

  5. I met Pr. Shields last summer on his way to the UK with his family when he was in the South of France: it was very interesting to discuss with an American philosopher, and I’d like to e.mail him if he remembers me. As a native French speaker, I am afraid I don’t have a good command of English yet: however, I am confidentthat I could make progress by writing more and better.
    Best regards from Jean-Luc

    • It is fun to look into your philosopy mind, Robert. Hello, Jean-Luc! It was wonderful meeting you in the train station with our daughter. I am delighted that the Bistro brings so many people from so many places together to have our minds fed. Thank you, Robert!

      • Thanks for your kind message. Please convey my regards to your family and tell Grace she’s welcome to e.mail me if she ‘s still interested in making progress in French language, which is my case in English.
        I’d like to introduce the notion of Art, referring to Kant’s aesthetic judgement: Can we say that Art imitates Nature or is it the other way round?
        Best regards from

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  8. Robert,

    I work for a publishing house in Italy and we would like to use one of your images for a book cover. Could you please contact me to my e-mail address?

    Ana Díaz

  9. Dear Robert,
    I am the French guy you met a couple of years ago when you travelled in France and stopped at Cavaillon in the South of France along with your family.
    I’d love to write to your daughter Grace as a penfriend for I remembered she was learning French at the university: I emailed you last year but I have never heard from you.
    I finally sat and passed th exam last June to become an English Teacher in France: I have to start my induction period next September.
    Kind regards from

    • Sorry, it’s been a rough year.
      She is in Grenoble studying this term, and having a fantastic time! I think she would be interested, so I will ask her, and let you know.
      with fond memories and best wishes,

  10. I wish you a Happy New Year. Please convey my regards to your family and am looking forward to hearing from Grace in the near future.
    Kind regards from

  11. Robert.
    So very glad I happened upon your blog site. Having recently been to Ireland I especially enjoyed your comments about the beautiful Emerald Isle.
    Best Regards,

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